@MilesOcampo Inspired Lightroom Preset

Free @MilesOcampo Inspired Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset

Miles Ocampo’s feed is #feedgoals 😍 Her feed is mostly light and minimalist photos. Today, I will show you how to edit filter like her recent posts and I will show you the adjustments for Miles Ocampo Lightroom Preset.


❕ Please note:

– All results work differently with each photo based on the colors, tones, lighting, etc., of your photo.
– After applying the presets, you may have to adjust the exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, and whites of your photo.


Here are the preset adjustments for @MilesOcampo Inspired if you want to do the adjustments manually.

Included With @MilesOcampo Preset

1 MOBILE LR Preset in .DNG format

You can use this preset with free Lightroom mobile app in ios or android, no Adobe Subscription needed.

You can apply this preset in only 1 click and it is fully customizable and adjustable to fit your image or style.

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Hi! I'm Reina. I'm a graphic artist and a content creator. I make premium lightroom presets that you can download for free ♡

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