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  1. Please do a video on editing style similar to @frassyaudrey.

  2. Hi po! Just finished watching po your FUJIFILM Presets pero wala pong pw na lumabas. San po makikita? Thanks!!

  3. Hi, Reina. A preset similar to sophiaippoliti and mskelslevy. Very minimal, muted tones and neutral. Thank you!

  4. Hi! Can u do Alliana Dolina’s preset on her ig? it’s so simple and minimal. Hope you can grant this request 🙁

  5. hi Reina could you pleaseeeee do a preset on Annie Leblanc’s picture? thank you so much

  6. Hi,

    Can you do a preset similar to this one? Thank you!! The account is this, but there seems to be a few styles. The one I am hoping you can create is one similar to these specific photos from the account:

  7. Hi could you please do Kumar from the artist Jonas Eide cause i Always Need to use Snapchat to take photos with that filter and I have to buy that preset if I want it

  8. Can you also do one similar to IG account @hsinyu.510 ? Thank you~

  9. Can you also do one similar to IG account @hsinyu.510 ? Thank you~

    1. Sorry for the multiple posts…I thought it didn’t go through

  10. Can you also do one similar to Instagram account hsinyu.510 ? Thank you~

  11. Can you also do one similar to ? Thank you~

  12. Hi can you make a preset like “vivid wu” on instagram? i really love her style & i cant seem to find a suitable preset for my other photos 🙂 thank you

  13. Can you please do a video on Brandon Woelfel’s warm color grading

  14. Please make presets like @jesspennartz and @kyliekatich

  15. Please make a next preset inspired by @ynodony ‘s instagram

  16. Hello,

    There is an error. Red velvet preset links to Rainy preset file.

    1. Hello, it is now fixed. Thanks 🙂

  17. Can you do a @pilotmadeleine inspired presets? Thanks!!

  18. Please do a tutorial on how to get @_jdle’s instagram look!

  19. I want a preset which is inspired on @mansiugale used preset pls pls make a video on it.

  20. Hi. Please make a preset that is inspired by bold purple and gray tones. Thank you. 🙂

  21. Hi Reina can you pls do an purple filter pls 💜

      1. Hi can you do Anna Olejarz’s (@silenceinsideme) preset? She is a photographer and her photos are dainty and beautiful. 😍

  22. Noisette preset pls?

  23. Could you make one representing “LaurDIY’s” Instagram? I absolutely love the way her feed looks 🙂

  24. Hi ReinaMarie
    Please can you make a Gray Minimal Lightroom Preset inspired by @VictoriaBeePhoto
    Thank you so much!!

  25. I’m obsessed with your youtube channel everything you do is so cool! I’d love to see a preset inspired by Gretchen Geraghty’s instagram 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Your request is noted 🙂

      1. Hi I love your work! Please please pleaseee make a preset that is elegant and creamy. Tones of white and gold. I have never seen a preset like that. That’s my dream preset but I am not very good at editing. Btw, I just found your channel and I am so happy and thankful for sharing your presets to us. Because of your presets, I can now start my ig feed! Took me a lot of time to find the preset that could represent my style and I found it from your channel. Thank you so much!

  26. Please do a greykins a.k.a “lee Ann Weimars” like instagram preset pleasee…

  27. @bluedusk04 inspired preset please

    1. noted 🙂

  28. @stephanievega inspired preset please🥺

    1. Noted 🙂

  29. I would love to see a preset similar to Michelle McKay’s The Beautiful Ordinary! The lighting and skin tones are phenomenal!!

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