Polaroid Lightroom Preset

Polaroid Lightroom Preset Free Download

This “POLAROID PRESET” gives a dark and moody effect and has a vibrant feel of harmonious color toning. Create subtle vignette and gray tone.

This preset is perfect for portrait photographs, mountain tops, outdoors, and etc.

Try this captivated Polaroid preset today to achieve instant film effect.

Enhance your photo using this preset in 1 click using Polaroid Preset today!


Free Polaroid Preset
Free Preset Film Polaroid


Here’s the preset adjustments for Polaroid Lightroom Preset if you want to follow the adjustments manually.

I recommend to adjust the following depending on your photo:
Exposure, Contrast and Whites.

✦ Included in your free digital download:
1 MOBILE Lightroom Preset in .DNG format

✦ You can use this preset with free Lightroom mobile app in ios or android, no Adobe Subscription needed.
✦ You can apply this preset in only 1 click and it is fully customizable and adjustable to fit your image or style.

The download links are protected by a password. The Password will appear on the video tutorial. Check here on how to download this preset.


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Hi! I'm Reina. I'm a graphic artist and a content creator. I make premium lightroom presets that you can download for free ♡

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