How to make Instagram Puzzle Feed in Canva

How to make INSTAGRAM PUZZLE FEED in Canva

Creating a custom Puzzle Feed graphics in Canva is super easy! Just follow the steps below or watch the video tutorial. You can also download the Puzzle Feed template I made below.

How to make Instagram Puzzle Feed in Canva steps:

  1. Create a new design with 3240×3240 px size.
  2. Click File > Show rulers, show guides
  3. Add 3×3 grid from Elements
  4. Drag the rulers/guides to mark the 3×3 boxes
  5. Delete the grid
  6. Change the background color
  7. Search “paper” and “magazine cutout” in elements
  8. Add “frames” from elements
  9. Arrange according to your liking
  10. Add texts for quotes or promotions
  11. You can now add your photos or add stock photos from Canva
  12. Add dots from elements to spice up your design (optional)
  13. Download your design as “png”

Here’s the final image:

Puzzle Feed Instagram in Canva free download

Now we have to cut the photo 3×3 using a tool from google.
I just search “instagram image cutter” and found the Image Splitter website.
You can use any website that you can find. Just follow the steps on the website. And now your images are good to schedule 🙂

Download the the Instagram Puzzle template below:


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